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Proper Golf Course Management


There are various factors contributing to help in lowering your golf scores while reducing your handicap and golf course management is among them. Oftentimes, this is an overlooked aspect of golf as many people are seeking to develop the perfect swing to play the game a lot better. Well the fact is, proper and effective course management can make a significant difference and it truly is a part of the game.


Every single course presents unique challenges and every hole is different. It is vital to figure out what your weaknesses and strengths are. When playing a new course, you've got to analyze every hole and be able to come up with a strategy or game plan. It has to have elements of flexibility like for example, if it' windy then you need to adjust and hit lower shots and also, choose longer clubs accordingly. You might hit more punch shots which stay under wind if ever the wind is in your face.


Say that the wind helps you, then you may decide to go ahead with driver on par 5 and go for greens in 2 shots rather than using a 3 wood. A sensible tip to follow is analyzing every hole from the green and look back to the tee. This view allows you to see the hole a lot better and let you pick better spots on landing on the fairway which then gives you flatter lie for an easier approach shot.


When you hit approach shots in the green, you're generally better in being short instead of long unless, there's water or any type of hazard short of green. Majority of the courses are unforgiving if you go long on the hole as you'll typically find yourself either out of bounds or in the trees. The pin is positioned on the hole and this influences how you hit the approach shots. For a lot of amateurs, it is a great advice to pick fat part of the green rather than shooting at tight pin placements which then bring water as well as other hazards into play. Know about maui's best golf course here!


It is vital to play a high percentage shot so by that, you know that you could pull off. If you ever find yourself 275 yards from the hole and never hit a 3 wood that's far beyond, then don't dare try to pull off a miracle shot. Rather, safely layup using a shorter club and use your wedge game in order to get the ball closer to the hole. Know about golf club management companies here!